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Our Process

Concept Development: Exploration of Ideas

  • Prepare preliminary design solutions- to the given program and conditions. Meet and share these possibilities with the client team. Through meetings with the client group, narrow the scope of possibilities to the most promising choice.

Schematic Design: Confirmation of the Idea

  • Develop the most promising concept to a level of understanding sufficiently complete to make informed judgment of the character and operation of the solution. Meet, discuss, and select improvements with the client team.

  • Ongoing in-house design critiques.

  • Prepare code and life-safety analysis of selected schematic, for impact upon construction and cost.

  • Conclude schematic design (plans and elevations) of selected scheme.

  • Present schematic design to client team, users and other interest groups.

  • Client team approves schematic with comments and adjustments.

Design Development: Cultivation of the Idea

  • Develop interior spaces to satisfy the particular uses and needs. Establishes finishes and material choices. Develop

  • Integrate, preliminarily, the needs of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, and fire protection requirements into the design. 

  • Review individual user/department development layouts with specific faculty tied to their use.

  • Complete the DD package of drawings, and preliminary specifications.

  • Present completed DD package to client team, users and interested groups for review. 

  • Client team approve design development package with comments.

Construction Documents: Culmination of Ideas

  • Prepare construction documents, with draft final specification, and final Estimate of Probable Construction Cost, for review with the client team. 

  • Make adjustments in the project necessary to satisfy the budget constraints. Define possible contract alternatives. 

  • Finalize procedures for bidding, short-list of possible contractors, etc., if not previously concluded. 

  • With final scope and budget, complete drawings and specifications. Prepare final sets for client, permitting, and bidding.

Construction Administration: Making it happen

  • Shop drawing review process. 

  • Attend weekly or bi-weekly progress visits to review the progress of the construction and to field-coordinate any design issues that develop.

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